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This type of bowl is built up by ALU 6061 material. The products are building by CNC 5 axis machining which machining from ALU rod material until finish goods. The bowl will then go for hard anodize finishing increasing hardness of the bowl for long lasting purpose. The main feeding products for this type of bowl are mainly mini sizing, high precision and high output required. The target field of this bowl is on electronic industry.

Two Way Feeder

Precision Aluminium Bowl With In-Line Feeder Module


This product main function is for part storage and filling automatically into feeder bowl when it is empty. The detection is control fully by sensor. The built up parts is one set of motor drive, belting and one SUS304 hopper tank. The sizing of tank is depending on loading quantity while the length and width is depending on customizing design and feeding parts size. The support stand of the hopper conveyor is built up by either ALU profile or solid square bar aluminium depending on feeding part weight and end user requirement specification.

Conveyor Hopper Feeder


The escarpment unit function is for singulate the feeding part in just one way for easy end user for going to other process such as pick & placed, transfer for vision checking or packing process. Normally it built up by one customize design module, cylinder or motor and sensor. This portion is customizing design based on the feeding parts.

Linear & Escapement Unit


The polyurethane coating is a layer of rubber coating which spray inside SUS vibrator feeder bowl. The main colour for the Polyurethane coating is Blue or green colour. The main function of PU coating is to protect the feeding parts to ensure no damage of it and reduced the sound level (mainly for steel feeding part) when feeding in bowl feeder. The thickness of this coating is from 0.5mm till 2.0mm.

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane Coating Bowl


The outer shape of sound proof enclosure is built by stainless steel or mild steel with powder coating process. Inside will be one layer of insulation foam which absorbs the sound made by bowl feeder. The sizing of the sound proof enclosure is depend on the vibrator bowl feeder sizing. The main purpose of this sound proof enclosure is to prevent the sound to expose to environment and also ensure the environment dust wont stick inside the feeder bowl (mainly in medical and food industry).

Sound-Proof Enclosurer

Sound Proof Enclosure

Sound Proof Enclosure


Our Stainless steel bowl feeder is made up by mainly stainless steel grade 304 & 316. This type of bowl is mainly using hand work process to bend and roll for completing the bowl module. Our stainless steel bowl products comment sizing is vary from inner diameter 150mm until diameter 460mm. We do also custom made for bigger sizing of bowl depending on customer need. There are various type of stainless steel bowl feeder which is cylindrical bowl, cone bowl, Step bowl, rotary bowl, centrifugal bowl and other type of combination bowl depending on feeding units. There are many industry field that using stainless steel bowl which from toys, medical, cosmetic, electronic, food, automotive to feed their products in only orientation for assembling, cleaning, counting, filling purpose.

Vibrator Bowl with In-Line Feeder

Stainless Steel Bowl Feeder

Mini Size Bowl Module


Vibrator is the driver that moves the part in feeder bowl. There’s two type of vibrator which is Piezo and coil type. Both type of vibrator have its advantages. Normally the vibrator speed is control by one digital controller which can select the frequency and voltage. Power supply will be at range 110V to 220V. The sizing of vibrator can vary from sizing 150mm till 460mm diameter. For in line feeder, the function is same as vibrator but it only drive the parts in forward movement. It also come with various sizing which bigger size can support for longer of feeding track.

Linear Feeder

Vibrator with In-line Feeder & Hopper


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