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Two Way Feeder

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Two Way Feeder CNC Precision Aluminium Bowl

This type of bowl is built up by ALU 6061 material. The products are building by CNC 5 axis machining which machining from ALU rod material until finish goods. The bowl will then go for hard anodize finishing increasing hardness of the bowl for long lasting purpose. The main feeding products for this type of bowl are mainly mini sizing, high precision and high output required. The target field of this bowl is on electronic industry.

  • Piezo feeder with tracking length 230mm.
  • Piezo controller (AC 240V,50-60Hz)
  • ALU 6061 linear tracking with hard anodize finishing.
  • White delrin area for units pick up.
  • Mild steel base plate with blackening finishing.
  • Units quick clearing area for conversion of units.
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